Victoria Falls – Year-end Function

Our company is pretty much famous for the year-end functions and they did not disappoint for 2016! So, you are asked whether you want to attend or not and what the cost would be (if you’re not a “permy”). You then say yes or no. Later you find out where the year-end will take place. This year, we were told to get our passports dusted off and we were flying to Victoria Falls.

My thoughts when I found out – Yeay!!! That was on my list!. Needless to say, I was excited. Next up, to decide which activity we wanted to do. We already knew that the official party was on Saturday night – a Dinner cruise on the Zambezi, amazing by the way and we got to see some elephants swimming across! But what do we want to spend money on?? In case you don’t know, the South African Rand is not doing too well against the USD at the moment, so everything was going to be expensive.


On recommendation from friends of the family, we decided to go with the 15min helicopter flip over Victoria Falls. The advise: “Do something that you cannot do anywhere else.” It was worth it! We went in November 2016 and it was their low water season, which means you get to see the falls as well as all the different paths the water makes and not too much mist obscuring the view. I was like a little girl on the excitement scale in the helicopter! We even got to see a massive herd of Buffalo on the way back.

We then also decided, spur of the moment, to join friends for another activity. We REALLY wanted to go to Devils pools, but unfortunately it was all sold out… So we asked the guys from Adventure Zone what else we could do. The suggestion: Boiling Pot. The cheapest (almost) on the list. No idea what we were getting into, we were told it’s about a 20min hike one way and if you really can’t otherwise, you can do it in sandals. We thought – Awesome! We can do this. And so, off we set to do the Boiling Pot. My hubby, 2 friends and myself along with some others from our company.

We pulled away from the hotel at 10:30 expecting to be back for lunch… Boy, were we wrong!

We got out of the little bus feeling very enthusiastic and were handed hard hats, paddles and a life-jacket. Uhm… at this point we probably should have started asking serious questions, but whatever, we were all together and off for some fun! Sandals and all… And so we start. Off down a little path and then we hit the steps/ladders to get down to the Zambezi (under the bridge where people bungi). Lovely little path to walk to get to a rubber river raft. Cool! We will get to do two rapids after the swim 🙂 This wasn’t too bad after all! Only, we were nowhere near done… got into the boat and went across to the bottom of the cliffs (high tide falls)… then told we were going to do a quick hike to the bottom of the falls (as at low water). OK… “Can we do this barefoot?” my husband asks, as he does not want to get his shoes wet and well, my slippery slops are probably not ideal. “Sure, I am doing it barefoot” comes the response from the guide. Do not follow this advise! I had blisters the size of my thumbnails! Although, it was a lot of fun (if you enjoy hiking and you are relatively fit) and the view from below was spectacular with the river roaring next to you and the mist from the falls caressing your face. Ahhhhh, the bliss at the end of the +- 1km hike!


After that bliss though, comes the hike all the way back! Hmmmm… not so pleasant, since by now my feet are burning on the dark rocks and we are well past midday! Unfortunately my friend also had the incredibly bad luck of injuring herself (stepping over stones and ending up between them at shoulder height!). We finally reached the rubber raft again and were relieved to dangle our hot feet in the cold water! once in the raft we were taken to the basin where some of our party took a dip in the 45m deep pool. We were briefed on the river rafting bit and all decided we would much rather face rapids than walking back to the stairs!

It was INSANELY fun!! It was only two rapids, but definitely the most fun part of the trip 🙂 Once we got to the top of the stairs, there was also water and sugary drinks to ease you back to reality. And so, we arrived, happy, tired, excited and just a little bit injured, back at the hotel at 14:30.

An adventure I am unlikely to forget any time soon!


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